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 By joining Triathlon Manitoba through Sulong Triathlon Group, you: 
  •  are covered with liability insurance while participating in all of our events and programs.  
  •  have racing privileges in other provinces (their one-day fee is usually waived). 
  •  are eligible for Grand Prix (Olympic distance Triathlon), Sprint Triathlon, Long Duathlon, and Sprint Duathlon series recognition. 
  •  are eligible for High Performance Awards and various other awards recognized at our Annual Awards Evening. 
  •  are eligible to qualify for the National Team when racing at National events. 
  •  are eligible to receive high performance funding. 
  •  will have their achievements at out-of-province races listed on this website and promoted in media releases. 
  •  receive a membership card that is good for discounts that range from 10% to 30% at a number of swimming, cycling, and running stores. 
  •  can attend the Swim Program and other programs. 
  •  can place an ad on our Buy & Sell page for no charge. 
  •  have a voice in the development and growth of the sport in Manitoba. 
  •  have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting. 
  •  are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. 
  •  can access resource materials available through Triathlon Manitoba.
Membership fee is $40/year.
Member Commitments:
Participate (compete or volunteer) in 3 out of the following events:
1. An official race by a sanctioned governing sport organization such as Triathlon Manitoba, Ironman, ITU, Manitoba Cycling Association, Manitoba Runners Association, etc.
2. Triathlon Clinic (Spring)
3. Hecla Half-Ironman (Summer)
4. Windup Party (Fall)
Please email [email protected] for more information.